Frequently Asked Questions


We often get asked a few questions by clients who are getting ready to begin their Draw Plan journey. Here are a few of them.

Due to planning delays with local planning authorities, planning applications are taking longer than the statutory 8 weeks applications are expected to be completed by. Unfortunately this means that projects can be delayed as a result of this. 

In addition to this the complexity of the project and availability of builders can also have an effect, meaning that projects can take anywhere from 6 months to 2 years to complete.

We expect that from the date the survey has been completed our clients expect to have a first set of drafts completed within 4 weeks.

At Draw Plan we cost each project individually to give the best price we can to our clients. The beauty of architecture is that there are no two projects the same, therefore we cannot commit a specific price before fully understanding the project.

Once the initial meeting is complete, you will receive an appointment letter from us detailing the brief discussed at the initial meeting along with a formal fee quote. 

Once the letter is signed and returned and the paid deposit, we will organise with you to come to site and take a measured survey of the whole building. Depending on the size of the property this could take between 1-2 hours. The survey will use our lidar scanner to scan the property and we will also take additional measurements by hand. 

You can expect to receive a first draft of your drawings 4 weeks from the date of the survey. These will includes a Site Plan, Existing Plans, Existing Elevations, Proposed Plans, Proposed Elevations and 3D Views of both the Existing and Proposed models. 

It is completely normal to have revisions to the first set of drawings, therefore within the quote we allow for 3 design revisions. 

Once you are satisfied with the drawings, we will submit the drawings on your behalf to the local planning authority. This process can take anywhere from 8 weeks to a year depending on the scale of the project and the Local Authority delays. 

When the planning application is approved, we move onto the building regulation stage of the project. All building regulation packs are done in house and take between 2-3 weeks to complete. 

Within this stage we work alongside other party consultants including structural engineers and building control. 

At Draw Plan Ltd we will liaise with building control to ensure that the plan check is carried out as well as providing you with enough information to be informed when selecting a builder. 

We also provide a project management scheme which can be discussed at this stage if required.

Permitted Development is a Government legislation which allows certain developments to take place without the need for planning permission. 

Permitted Development is complex and can depend on the properties rights, but in most circumstances it allows a property to be extended 3m (4m for a detached property) to the side or rear of the property. Within the Legislation it is possible to add dormers to the rear elevation depending on volume calculations. 

As Permitted Development is a Government Scheme it is sometimes possible to implement this when it is unlikely that planning permission would be granted. 

For further information on Permitted Development please click here.

Building Regulations main priority is to ensure that all work is carried out to an acceptable standard. 

Within the Building Regulations process a Building Inspector will carry out a plan check, to ensure our technical drawings meet the building regulation requirements, and also carry out site visits when construction has started to ensure that the building is following our drawings to the correct standard. 

This in turn should reassure you as the client that the development will be safe and meet the all legal requirements. 

Building Regulations Approval is required for most extensions and house renovations especially when structural or thermal alterations are being carried out. 

For further information on Building Regulations please click here.

A typical householder planning application costs £238.20.

Unfortunately a Building Regulations application is quoted on a case by case basis and can range on the size and complexity of the project.

Once you have signed the drawings off and are ready to submit to planning, this is when we start on the renders.

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